Sonic Sidekick - DrumStar

A new VST Drum Machine for Windows.

DrumStar is:


  • Build complex instruments.
  • Create exciting rhythms.


  • Map samples intelligently.
  • Control pattern variations.


  • Design interesting pattens.
  • Capture detailed instruments.


  • Create the beats you imagine.
  • Build drum beats faster.


Drum Sampler
  • 20 Instrument tracks with:
    • Up to 12 Hit Types
    • Up to 128 Velocity Layers
    • Up to 128 Control Layers
    • Up to 128 Crossfade layers
    • Up to 128 Round Robin Layers
  • High Quality Sinc Interpolation
  • 32 Bit Floating Point
  • 8 Choke Groups with adjustable release time
  • Drag and Drop Sample Mapping
  • Disk Streaming
  • 4 Directory Presets
Step Sequencer
  • 24 Patterns
  • 20 Instrument tracks
  • 28 Patterns per Arrangement
  • 24 Groove Presets
  • 1-8 beats per Pattern
  • 1,2,3,4,6, or 8 steps per beat
  • Random Pattern Variations
  • Groove Editor
  • Pitch Shifter
  • 5 Band Equalizer Per Instrument
  • AHDSR Envelope Per Instrument
  • Saturation
  • 4 Aux Outputs

Price: $89

"Your drums can be as original as your music. After spending hours crafting the perfect song, why would you settle for a less than perfect drum pattern? Sure, drum loops work for sketching out ideas. But, your finished song deserves something more original. Introducing DrumStar, a vst instrument that will help you create original drum patterns. It includes a sampler that's optimized for drums, and a sequencer that's flexible and fun to use. So really, there's no excuse for boring drum patterns. Unless of course, that's what your aiming for." Via