Sugar Bytes - Artillery v2.0.3

Use Artillery to remix tracks or live signals on stage, in your VST/AU compatible DJ software or in your studio setup.

The modulation possibilities are endless,
your can turn an EQ into a multiband comp with a set of envelope followers, let a looper scratch its buffer using a stepseq, play pitched delaytimes on the keyboard, let ringmodulator´s pitches jam along the transients of your audio signals, even a vocoder with internal synth is included!

Improvements in Version 2.0.3:
recall bug fixed
better graphic performance
many small improvments

The Features:
200 Presets 
  28 Innovative High Quality Effects
FX Activation via Midi in Toggle und Gate mode
Realtime Key Quantisation
Universal Modulator per Parameter
Dry/Wet Envelope per effect
Full Integration of Midi and Host Automation

+ Brilliant performance features
+ Simple handling
+ Great Sound
Sound & Recording 09/07

   - MAC PPC, Intel: VST / AU

Price: 149,- Euro

Update from Artillery: 49,- Euro

"Sugar Bytes´ FX Flagship Artillery enters round 2. Now ready for IntelMac, PPC and Windows. The Artillery Effect Keyboard comes with 28 innovative effects and incredible possibilities. The concept is simple but effective: Effects are assigned to keyzones and triggered with MIDI notes. That way you can perform incredible Effect sequences, or put effects in certain places, live or in studio." Via