Tascam - Giga Virtual Instrument 4 (GVI 4)

The hit-making Giga sampling platform is soon to be available on the Mac. TASCAM's GVI 4 features Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista support, for plug-in compatibility with software like Logic Pro, Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, SONAR, Digital Performer and many more. GVI 4 is compatible with all of the best libraries - loading GigaStudio samples natively instead of converting - and offers up to double the polyphony of competing samplers so your performance never gets cut off. With a simple interface and great-sounding instrument library, GVI 4 is a must-have instrument for producers, composers and musicians who need the best.
GVI 4 installs in VSTi, Audio Units and RTAS formats, making it compatible with dozens of workstation applications. One instance supports 16 channels of MIDI playback. Add as many instances of GVI as your computer can handle for 16 more MIDI channels each. Browse your sample library and load sounds from the GVI interface, or use the new standalone QuickSound database to quickly search all your hard drives (Windows version only). Like GVI 3, GVI 4 makes it easy to stack multiple instruments on a MIDI channel for even bigger sounds
GigaStudio libraries are the best-sounding sampled instruments you can buy, and the integration of GVI 4 into your workstation makes workflow a breeze. Many sample libraries use Giga's iMIDI engine, which includes advanced Legato, Random, Alternation and Round-Robin modes to make sampled performances sound more lifelike. Unique technology like the Dynamic Expression Filter provides real time timbral control, even after note-on, so your performances will be dynamic and lifelike. To edit the instruments yourself, use the QuickEdit tab to change synth parameters like attack time, filtering, and tuning. Changes get saved with your DAW project, or can be saved as GVI presets, so they won't overwrite the original sample on your hard drive.
Not only is GVI 4 the simplest sampler to use, it's also the most powerful. In performance tests, GVI outperformed NI's Kontakt and Steinberg's Halion, playing up to twice as many voices on the same system. GVI loads Giga samples without conversion or emulation, so that the samples sound the way the creative soundware developers intended. It's no wonder that Giga is used by most top-grossing film composers - the most demanding audience for a sampler's performance, sound quality and realism.

Included Libraries
  • Sound Libraries from SONiVOX, Larry Seyer Digital, Project SAM, Wavelore
  • Additional information coming soon
  • Upgrade pricing:

    GVI 4 MSRP

    GVI 3 to GVI 4

    GigaStudio 3 Orchestra to GVI 4

    GigaStudio 4 to GVI 4

    Additional Site License

"GVI 4 comes with a sound set packed with great-sounding, musical samples from companies like SONiVOX, Wavelore and Larry Seyer Digital, with more to be announced soon. All of the basics are covered like pianos, strings, drums and bass, as well as colorful additions like pipe organs, zithers and whistles. If you've been getting your sounds from a hardware synth, you'll be blown away by the realistic, deep and musical sound of Giga. You'll be making polished-sounding music right out of the box, whether you're scoring films, recording hip hop, producing a rock session or playing live jazz. GVI 4 gives you the sound, the compatibility and the performance to make your music come to life."



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