VertexDSP - MultiInspectorFree v1.1.3 (Pc/Mac/Universal/Free)

Version 1.1.3 - 08-Oct-2007
Bug Fixes
• Keyboard focus of the host is now retained after clicking inside the editor window (Mac only).
• Compatibility issues with systems running Mac OS X 10.3. 

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"MultiInspectorFree is a 31 band spectral analyzer designed to be used in a multitrack environment. Based on the technology of FaderWorks to handle multiple dependent instances of the same plug-in, MultiInspectorFree provides an easy way for simultaneous spectral analysis of several audio signals. The first instance of MultiInspectorFree behaves like a standard 31 band spectral analyzer. Additional instances automatically send their spectral analysis result to all other instances of MultiInspectorFree. Every editor window of MultiInspectorFree shows the same content. Therefore, after opening all necessary plug-in instances it is sufficient to leave just one editor window open. The width and the color of the level bars are adjusted according to the current number of instances. MultiInspectorFree incorporates a standard third octave frequency analyzer. The center frequencies of the bands are based on the ISO 266:1997 standard (20 Hz to 20 kHz). Pink noise will appear flat in the frequency spectrum." Via