VirSyn - Reflect v1.2

New in Version 1.2

- New modulation algorithm simulating the air movement in a room
  for smoother reverb tails.
- Mouse wheel support for program browser and knobs.
- A few new reverb programs.

Price: 169.- EURO


"REFLECT is an algorithmic reverberation plugin which combines the flexibility of vintage algorithmic reverbs with the sonic quality of convolution based reverbs. The creation of high quality reverb needs a realistic simulation of the important early reflections together with a smooth and colorless reverberation tail. The early reflections are the most important clue for the human ear to get a feeling about the dimension and character of a room. Most algorithmic reverbs offer a number of different algorithms to simulate different natural rooms like chamber, halls or artificial ones like plates. REFLECT uses impulse responses from real acoustic spaces and classical reverb algorithms to emulate their acoustical properties. The resulting reverberation sets new standards in clarity and sense of space !" Via