Wusik - Wusikstation v4.1.6


  • Added: windows Vista support !
  • Added: new ModMatrix Source - Midi-In->Key Switching to Wavesequence Start. With this option, you can set up to 32 different sounds and select each sound using the lower section of your midi-keyboard. You can also use Sustain to Wavesequence Start.
  • Added: new ModMatrix Source - Layers->Note Off (with and without envelope information) that can be used to Gate another layer. This is usefull for Note-Release playback.
  • Added: new ModMatrix Destination - Layer-Gate. This will send a Note-On to that layer when the signal raises above 0. Be sure to set the ADSR AMP Sustain to Zero, otherwise the note would never end.
  • Removed: SN enter during start-up. Now a global SN is used by the code.
  • Fixed: loading of SynthEdit made Effects. (and other effects too)
  • Fixed: crash on using the mod-wheel too fast while on the file/directory browser.

Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts.
It can cover pretty much any style of music. From NewAge to SoundTracks, from Dance to Techno. Thanks to the big selection of extra SoundSets provided by 3rd party companies, you will never get bored with it.

Price: $ 99.95


"Wusikstation is one of the most popular Sampler/Rompler out there. Since it started, it got more and more features asked for by users, a new interface, easier way to load presets and much more. Its been rated by users the number one choice when creating songs." Via