Audjoo Helix VSTi by Jonas Norberg updated / Synthesizer / Pc / Free

Both RMS and Peak are used to normalize waves. Reverb predelay is now in seconds. Master Volume (Not chenged when you're flipping through presets). Simple Limiter. Limiter per Voice (a filter-type). Kill voices on preset change. Reset Delay and Reverb on preset-change. Delay time 0 is now supported (used to wrap to 1 second). Wave display shows discontinuities. Times in envelopes upped to 64 seconds. Some displays were offset slightly (step seq. and super-count, among others). Boost fundamental creates one if none exists. More LFO shapes. Full names on LFOs. Redraw performance fix.

Audjoo Helix is a polyphonic software Synthesizer. It is developed as a VST-instrument plug-in. It features low CPU-usage, multiple oscillators, filters, distortion, flexible modulation, semi-modular configuration, delay, reverb and compression/limiter.


"Known to work in many hosts: Cubase LE, Cubase SX, Minihost, EnergyXT, Sonar, VstHost, Orion, Live, FL Studio, Cantabile. Only presets by me so far. Still in beta." Via