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 sir2 reverb

SIR 2.1.0 Update

Release Notes:
  • new impulse-file browser (with folders)
  • reset all parameters functionality in "Tools" menu
  • default impulse-file path can be changed in preferences
  • fixed some host compatibility issues (with wavelab & samplitude)
    Note: Due to several internal changes which were necessary to improve the host compatibility, the older release (2.0.0) isn't able to be used in projects, which already have been saved with the newer version (2.1.0)!
  • host sample rate change - volume compensation
    Due to the nature of convolution different sample-rates will produce different output levels. This function compensate this.
  • more detailed message when the impulse-file can't be located
  • new improved re-sampling algorithm (much better quality even in "low" mode)
    Note: If you want to use the old algorithm instead - select in preferences: Resampling Quality "compatibility (old) mode"
  • some minor fixes


  • Zero latency processing
  • Includes Pinguin's High Definition Impulse Responses
  • "True Stereo" processing (a stereo convolution takes place for every source channel (left + right))
  • High-quality internal sample rate converting
  • imports WAV, AIF, FLAC, BWS, OGG vorbis file formats
  • linear phase FFT-EQ
  • no dongle required/no challange response copy protecion
  • free non-destructive amplitude envelope
  • free non-destructive filter envelope
  • Predelay (0ms - 2000ms)
  • Stretch control (high quality resampling)
  • Forward / reverse switch
  • Stereo In / Stereo IR Control
  • preset-managing
  • separate dry/wet control (-60db .. +20dB)
  • Auto-gain
  • signal routing options
  • HDIR-Direct On/Off switch


  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 50 MB hard disk space
  • Intel Pentium 4 or better
  • VST-Host application (like Cubase, Tracktion...)
Price: 149€


"SIR2 is an easy to use native audio-plugin to use for high quality reverberation. It offers zero-latency processing with low CPU-consumption and non-destructive audio processing of impulse responses. SIR2 includes high definition impulse responses (HDIR) of *real* places produced by Pinguin, Hamburg. You can also use various impulse responses from free or commercial sources." Via