Cycling '74 - Max 5 and Attributes / Article

Max/MSP is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia.

Sometimes when you are programming, you need to be able to configure some information about how your computer will do its job. Over the years, programmers have come up with a number of different terms for these little pieces of information -- parameters, properties, fields, etc. In Max, we call them attributes. Attributes were first introduced in Jitter, where they make it convenient to manage the state of complex objects such as In Max 4.5, a few Max objects such as pattr (which is short for "patcher attributes" by the way) and js began to make use of attributes.

Jitter users will be familiar with the fact that the initial value of an attribute can be set when typing arguments into an object box.

Read this article By DavidZicarelli and see some video clips.

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"I hope you've enjoyed this brief look at some of the new attribute features of Max 5. In the next Max 5 article, I'll show you some of the new Max 5 debugging features, including wiretaps, the debug window, and the signal and matrix probes. You'll see that attributes are as useful to have around when you are debugging your patches as when you are decorating them." Via