DAW: Cockos - REAPER 2.012 Pc / Pro / Free

Reaper from Cockos is a uncrippled unexpiring shareware Sequencer / Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). And a really great one too!
Check out the latest changes (v2.012):

  • moved project pitch shift settings to audio settings tab
  • project time offset setting, project measure offset setting
  • midi clock+spp output now uses quarter notes rather than beats (for better timesignature compatibility)
  • midi CCs assigned to actions will now prioritize any active midi editor over the main action
  • fixed some behaviors of "move edit cursor to start of loop selection" option
  • rewire: faster init of rewire apps (less gui flicker too)
  • take imploding: fixed possible use-after-free bug when imploding MIDI items (T,MP!)
  • better updating of fx list titles when resizing (T,MP!)
  • cleaned up some fx list bypass/offline controls (T,MP!)
  • mpeg decoder: better frame synchronization for invalid bitstreams
  • ReaFIR: improved undo state saving (T,MP!)
  • Internal audio sink configuration and reamote cleanups to endianness for mac/ppc compatibility
  • Added new dummy audio device in preferences so you can run purely MIDI or purely network instances of REAPER
  • VST: better 64 bit setting for v2.4 VSTs
  • VST: plug-in configurations are now always stored in little endian (regardless of the native endianness)
  • VST: can now find plug-ins using different extensions (i.e. if the project specifies file.vst, file.dll is used on windows)
  • ReaTune: updated to support new project time offsets
  • Spectro: updated to support new project time offsets

Read more about Cockos Reaper here.


"REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio." Via