Effect: arkecode - VST Oversampler 1.3.5 Beta PC / Open Source / Free

The Free VST Oversampler I've posted about last week has been updated again.
Version 1.3.5 Beta has these changes:

  • Implemented accumulated processing
  • Now works with 64-bit plugins on 64-bit hosts (it tricks the host into thinking 32-bit)
  • Fixed minor memory error that could have caused trouble (delete instead of delete[])
  • Took out old filter initialization from pre-HIIR days
  • Took out unnecessary debug logging
  • Reimplemented correct syncing

Read more about VST Oversampler here.

"The oversampler "hosts" another VST plugin, and oversamples it by 2. Because of this, aliasing has twice the frequency range to unfold, which means that the aliasing that enters back into the audible domain is much less, and upon downsampling, the upper range (containing only aliasing) is discarded. This results in audibly reduced aliasing." Via