Instrument: FXpansion - Guru v1.5.12


Guru from FXpansion is a combined beatbox, drum sampler and loop mangler that makes it a unique software instrument.

Here are the latest changes:
-- Fixed a Pro Tools / Windows - specific bug which would cause PT to exit when GURU is used in conjunction with VST-wrapped plug-ins
-- The "Paste Pads" option on the Engine context menu did not work. Fixed.
-- Fixed some minor bugs in the stand-alone application
-- Pro Tools-specific fix
-- Fixed some bugs in the pattern editor's cut, copy and paste routines
-- You can now re-tune the pitch of a loop to fit the current tempo. CTRL+SHIFT+click on the TUNE knob to snap the tuning for a single layer, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+click on the TUNE knob to snap the tuning for all pads & layers in the engine.
NOTE:- this works both for sliced loops (loaded via the Loops browser), and whole loops (loaded via the Pads browser)

Price: 129 dollar + shipping

Read more about Guru here.


"Instant loop slicing with in-context preview and automatic score detection makes reusing and reprocessing your existing loops a breeze, and even lets you cross-breed and hybridize your loops - take the feel from one loop and apply the sounds from another, then drag and drop the results to your host." Via