QuikQuak - Glass Viper 1.0.2 / Synthesizer

Glass Viper version 1.02 for PC - bug fixes.
* Sonar 7 crash fix.
* Live sample rate change fix.
* Registration 'not sticking' corrected.

General features

* 4 voices per instrument.
* Unique waveform mouse editing - listen while you tweak.
* 4 LFO's for voice basics, moving any waveform control point.
* Line, cosine or cubic interpolation for waveforms.
* 3 LFO per voice with 2 envelopes controlling speed and gain independantly.
* 4 syncable delay lines per voice.
* Six filter types.
* Comprehensive Copy & Paste algorithms for easy Panel, Voice, and Instrument copying.
* Plate reverb effects modelled from RaySpace technology.
* Stereo chorus.
* Additional wave-shaper.
* 6 controllers.
* Comes with 128 presets (included in evaluation copy).

Read more about Glass Viper here.

"Glass Viper's moving waveform is the fundamental to its sound. When a note is held, the sound can move in a natural and pleasing way, without repetition. Like RaySpace, the visual aspect is also a major part of Glass Viper, guiding the user to a more experimental and less mathematical route to sound creation. The main display will change depending on which panel you are selecting. On the Voice panel the four waveforms of the currently playing note are directly displayed. On the Global panel the actual whole output waveform is plotted. And on the Waveshaper panel, you can edit the waveforms in real-time so you can really get the feel of the sound creation process. There is an extensive copy and paste algorithm, which enables you to copy either each panel, voice or whole (4 voices) instruments - this speeds up the sound creation process enormously, and also allows the user to use parts of different presets to make new ones." Via