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Introducing Renoise 1.9

Renoise 1.9 is the first of the smaller updates to follow 1.8. For a 0.1 update there is a surprising amount of features.

Highlights of Renoise 1.9

Let us have a look at the most important new features.

Multi-core support

Renoise 1.9 will take advantage of all the cores in your multi-core processor to boost up performance, allowing you to add much more and heavier DSPs, tracks, VST FX and VST Instruments than before.

6 New DSP devices

New artillery for the loudness war: the Bus Compressor and Maximizer have been created without any concessions in regard to quality, with exceptional 64-bit dithering and feedback transient analysis. The Velocity Device opens a new world of level-driven FX manipulation. The other devices are Chorus, Distortion 2 and Gate 2.

Supercharged DSP devices

Existing DSPs have received an overhaul, including filter response graphs for the 64-bit EQ devices, the intuitive LPC frequency unit in the LFO device and 64-bit precision filter auxiliary sections. And that is just scratching the surface.

Improved MIDI support

Fast and stable MIDI timing through WDM MIDI drivers, adjustable jitter reduction for the MIDI Clock to improve external synchronization, hot-pluggable devices on OS X and non-blocking MIDI connections on Windows.

Preset handling for Renoise’s DSP devices

Organize your original DSP settings to have quick access to your signature sound, or get quality presets from other users to save yourself time. The A/B Comparison feature lets you switch between two configurations so you can decide which one sounds best.

Adjustable rulers in the Sample Editor

The rulers in the Sample Editor will help you to slice your beats. With a rightclick you can switch the scale. Enable Snapping to snap to the nearest division and you got yourself a homebrew beatslicer. Well, almost.

Per-Sample Interpolation and NNA

The interpolation mode and New Note Action (NNA) have been moved from instrument level down to sample level. Chiptune artists take notice, it is now possible to disable interpolation to preserve that authentic crunchy sound.

Renoise is the next generation of music tracker software, combining studio quality sound and virtually infinite expandability with a clear and concise interface putting every parameter and option literally at your fingertips!

The full version adds:

  • ASIO support on Windows
  • Rendering to .wav (up to 32-bit, 96 kHz) with an optional perfect sample interpolation mode
  • No time limit

Price: 49 euro.
Read more about Renoise here.


"Renoise has a unique bottom-up approach to music making. With its vertical timeline and streamlined interface, Renoise lets you have direct control over the composition." Via