Sample Player: SAMPLELORD 1.3

W.Grabowski has updated the sample player SampleLord to version 1.3.
Here are the updates:

  • New: modulation options (mod off, lfo) to turn of modulation at all or use as lfo.
  • New: 'Clear before Patch Load' command added to Setup -> Import options.
  • New: 'Clear before Sample Load' command added to Setup -> Import options.
  • New: 'Reset' command in Instrument menu, resets current channel data.
  • New: some menu commands and menu options have been moved from Setup menu into Multi menu.
  • New: Giga Mod-Wheel crossfade support.
  • Fix: some GIGA switches not recognized correctly.
  • Fix: kontakt samples triggered twice.
  • Fix: filter knobs were not resetted during patch change.
  • Fix: Importing One-Shot mode HALion presets.
  • Fix: A Preset with different number of samples mapped to keys, import halion single zones with crossfade set.
  • Fix: resizing plugin with grip resize doesn't resize parent host window now.
  • Fix: playing of halion alternate samples.
  • Fix: GIG release trigger + Mod-Wheel crossfade samples were not played correctly.
  • Fix: broken controller switching, worked correctly only with crossfades set.
  • Fix: controller crossfades does't work after mod wheel was moved.
  • Fix: playing with mme driver produced signal on main outputs only.
  • Fix: program parameters were not resetted during patch change.
  • Fix: release samples played many times or triggered twice.
  • Fix: sfz mod wheel crossfade was not imported when locc opcode was missed.
  • Fix: playing of sfz key and vel crossfades didn't work when key and vel region was not defined.
  • Fix: some halion key and vel crossfade combinations were not imported correctly.
  • Fix: vibrato was played together when mod wheel controller active.

Read more about SampleLord here.

"SampleLord is a sample player which can work as a VSTi plug-in or standalone application. It can load different sounds in different formats in the same Multi-Patch and play these in real-time just like a hardware sound module." Via