Sequencer: Angry Red Planet - Temper v1.1.1 Pc / Pro / Free

Angry Red Planet has updated their great unexpiring trialware sequencer "Temper" to version 1.1.1.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Special Zebra 2 tribute: Added ability to write Zebra 2 OSCs from Temper shapes.
  • Fix: Small bug keeping the inspector in sync when editing shapes.
  • Temper A: Added performance time.
  • Temper A: Added VST patch randomizer.
  • Added groove quantizing tools.
  • Can now append .MID files by dragging them to the tracks area.
  • There are several new audition operations when editing tracks: You can click on the keyboard graphic to audition notes, or in the measure area above the piano roll to audition the visible performance.
  • Added new menu item Hidden in the controller strip tabs, which displays a list of all controllers that have data in the track, but no tab button.
  • Added shape polarity display, which can be clicked to flip the polarity.
  • Added shape smoothing control, to control whether the morph interpolates or goes in steps.
  • Added a control to step through the current tool chain when in workbench mode.
  • Fix: Muting a track's audio output wasn't keeping things in sync, so there was no visual indication of the mute and you couldn't unmute it until doing something like muting the main buss output.
  • Fix: Pitch strip was preventing values below 0.
  • Fix: Controller strip was labeling all values 0-127, instead of using type-specific labels (like 0-1 for VST parameters).

Read more about Temper here.

"dynamic MIDI-oriented music editing and realtime manipulation. Temper, a MIDI+Audio sequencer with an emphasis on MIDI. Temper is distinguished by two basic design goals: To provide you with tools that operate on sequences as easily as individual events, and to decouple what gets processed by how it gets processed." Via