Sonic Sidekick - DrumStar v1.0.2 / Drum Machine



  • Arranger updated to allow easier inserting and deleting of patterns from a long chain.
  • Fixed note selection bug.
  • Skin changes are restored on restart.


With DrumStar, you can:

Create realistic drum patterns

  • Hit types such as: ordinary, rimshot, edge, center, etc.
  • Round robin rotation for realistic drumrolls
  • Crossfading to model high hat openness.
  • Disk streaming for large sample libraries without large load times
  • Random variations for patterns that sound real and not robotic.

Focus on the music

  • Fast work flow with features such as:
    • sample grouping
    • one-button layer creation
    • multi-sample drag and drop
  • Simple interface where everything is visible

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"Your drums can be as original as your music. After spending hours crafting the perfect song, why would you settle for a less than perfect drum pattern? Sure, drum loops work for sketching out ideas. But, your finished song deserves something more original. Introducing DrumStar, a vst instrument that will help you create original drum patterns. It includes a sampler that's optimized for drums, and a sequencer that's flexible and fun to use. So really, there's no excuse for boring drum patterns. Unless of course, that's what your aiming for." Via