Starplugs - XPressure / Compressor


  • TSP© processing
  • classic analogue warmth + classic density
  • real loudness
  • 5 high-end phase shifting-free and resonance-free bandpass filters
  • Master TSP© stage
  • in- and output level meters + processing meter
  • absolute steep transients for best impulse reproduction

Version: 1.00 - 11/2007
System requirements:
Win XP PC - 1GHz or higher
Asio soundcard recommended
VST-application (sequencer or audio software)

Price: 39.99 €

"The Starplugs XPressure is a classic high precision mastering multi-band compressor specially designed for mastering stereo tracks. The Starplugs XPressure features the new Transient Stable Power technology TSP© that stands for classic analogue warmth and density with a fresh and open sound. The XPressure comes with 6 TSP© stages for each channel and 5 high-end phase shifting-free and resonance-free bandpass filters designed with pd quantum-filter© technology. The Starplugs XPressure divides the input signal into 5 frequency bands - each frequency band can be attenuated or compressed independently by the TSP© system. The 5 frequency bands are remixed and sent to the Master TSP© stage that feed the limiter." Via