Tracker: nashNET - reViSiT v0.92 Beta Pc / Pro / Free

The Tracker software reViSiT has been updated. reViSiT is based on the classic Impulse Tracker 2.
Here are the changes:

v0.92.0 [ADD] * Multiple Audio Outputs.
[ADD] * Advanced Output Routing (send individual channels,
samples, instruments to specific output busses).
Set (left click), clear (right click) or toggle
(Enter) routings using the mouse and keyboard.
[ADD] * reBUS VST Effect (send bus audio to a host track)
[ADD] * Default Output Bus setting (F11).
[ADD] * Middle mouse click or Enter sets/toggles Default
Channel Bus in F12.
[ADD] * Channel Configuration output matrix (F12).
[ADD] * Set Output Bus effect (S0x).
[ADD] * Option to select "(none)" as output bus to disable
channel (lightens processor load).
[ADD] Non-destructive save (Ctrl+S) preserves original
module when overwriting reViSiT .zip files.
[ADD] Save As shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+S) added.
[ADD] New/Clear Module feature (Ctrl+N) added.
[ADD] Export Sample to WAV (Save, in F3).
[MOD] Audio Performance Improvements (esp. Pro Edition)
[MOD] Audio Mixing Quality Improved.

[MOD] Obsolete IT, FT, MOD effects no longer loaded.
[MOD] Post-pattern preview now blank for End-of-song.
[MOD] Pattern follow switched back to Ctrl+F.
[MOD] Octave now switchable in Audition mode.
[MOD] Note Offs (===) now outputted upon entry.
[MOD] v0.85 file support removed.
[MOD] More robust XML parsing.
[MOD] Help Popups will not straddle multiple monitors.
[MOD] Minor UI aesthetic changes to popup dialogs.
[FIX] XM files using more than 99 instruments crashing.
[FIX] Audition mode only plays Sample 0.
[FIX] Button focus issues in Instrument List.
[FIX] Keyboard MIDI effect selection issues.
[FIX] Pattern Overview not displaying in v0.91.
[FIX] Cursor reset to 0 upon Song Load.
[FIX] Drop List values not updating instantly.
[FIX] Memory leak in editor window creation/deletion.
[FIX] Delay notes causing clicks.
[FIX] Help Popups appearing offscreen.
[FIX] Apply Last Pattern Options not initialised.
[FIX] Pattern previews affected by playback.
[DOC] S0x Set Output Bus effect documented.

Read more about reViSiT here.

"Tracking is a method for computer music almost as mature and time-honoured as MIDI. Sometimes better, sometimes not so - always different." Via