Volume Filter Effect: Audiowish - Note Gate 2

Audiowish Note Gate 2 is a volume filter effect for Mac.
Some of the features:

  • Key independent volume patterns
  • Separate attack time and release time parameters
  • Integrated gate and pitch monitor
  • Real-time, low latency processing for both live and studio work
  • Fully featured trial version
  • Extensive user manual

Note Gate 2 makes use of the industry standard generic Cocoa and Carbon graphical interface views for Audio Units.

Note Gate 2 is packaged as a Universal Binary, it performs equally well on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs. You will need Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) or higher to be able to use this Audio Unit.

Price: 20 dollar


"Note Gate 2 is a real-time pitch-based Audio Unit volume filter effect. Combining innovative features like scale independent volume patterns, a robust pitch tracker and independent attack and release times, this effect helps you to instantly create volume swells, backing swells and complex multilayered effects." Via