WWAYM - NWRCFil / Lowpass Filter

- 2-pole and 4-pole analogue sounding lowpass filters
- customizable filter characteristics
- dry/wet mix
- envelope follower with adjustable attack and release parameters
- input, output gain controll
- lots of presets to ease finding a startpoint
- full MIDI support via MIDI learn
- interpolated parameters (no steps)
- easy to use, comfortable and familiar user interface with a display

Price: USD 39.81


"NWRCFil is an easy to use classic lowpass filter VST effect from WWAYM. NWRCFil is based on classic hardware filters where simplicity and the warm sound is most important. The effect uses selectable 2-pole and 4-pole filter algorithms developed by WWAYM. The characteristics of the filter can be adjusted by 10 RC parameters. With the help of the envelope follower the sound can get lively and dynamic that suits funky guitars perfecly and is often used in todays house/funk house productions, too. The sound of the filter is almost indistiguishable from classic analogue hardware filters while the range of parameters allow broader use. This way NWRCFil is as suitable for guitars as it is for any other instrument or just for creating a simple filtersweep." Via