Audio / MIDI Recording Software: Bremmers Audio Design - MultitrackStudio 4.31 Pc / Pro / Free

The audio / MIDI recording software MultitrackStudio from Bremmers Audio Design has been updated to version 4.31.
Here are the changes:

  • Support for Frontier Design's AlphaTrack control surface.
  • Multiple Core CPU support: all instances of some "bad" VSTi plugins are now run on a single processor to work around their flaws.
  • Hardware Control Surface still works if another program is active.
  • Convolutor's Mix button wouldn't mix mono input to the right stereo channel if a stereo IR was used.
  • Multiple Core CPU support: effect sidechaining could lead to buffer-underrun messages if softsynth tracks where involved (Pro Plus edition).
  • The "Mix down to file" option caused an error message if the Punch button was on.
  • Random noise when using VSTi plugins which expect audio input.
  • A couple of other fixes.

Price: from $69. There is also a FREE version available.
Read more about MultitrackStudio here.

"MultitrackStudio is audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for Windows. It combines a multitrack recorder, a mixer, lots of effects and a MIDI sequencer in one package: everything that's needed to turn your computer into a digital multitrack music recording studio." Via