Bass Synth: AlgoMusic / BKSynthLab - AMB Electra Bass 1.1

AlgoMusic and BK synthlab updates the Bass Synth AMB Electra Bass to version 1.1.

- GUI renovation
- corrected bug in ARP for Sonar users
- added "Wave Monitor"
- OSC-B now multi oscillator
- FX renovation
- improved Mono Mode
- Patches Bank renovation

Price: $35.00 / €26.00
Read more about AMB ElectraBass here.

"ElectraBass focuses on Bass and Leads with a futuristic sound. Along with 4 different effects, a unique 32 stage sequencer allows you to input your own bass and lead lines with ease. Perfect for the techno-ambient artist in mind, ElectraBass can drive your tracks into the future." Via