DAW: Audio Simulation - DreamStation II

DreamStation II from Audio Simulation is a complete Digital Audio Workstation for Windows, which allows you to use your favourite audio effect and synth plugins to create complete music tracks. The sequencer interface mixes the traditional "Piano-Roll" with the raw "Tracking" method. An internal mixer mixes all of the outputs into a stereo Wav file.

Hey now, this looks kinda cool, with built-in Tracker and all!

System Requirements

DreamStation II requires a computer with Windows XP operating system, at least 512Mb memory, a 2Ghz CPU and a DirectX compatible soundcard installed.

Price: 99 dollar
Maybe you can find a FREE alternative here.

"DreamStation II hosts a wide range of Direct-X, Direct-X Instrument, VST and VST Instrument plugins, drives MIDI compatible external or internal gear and records then plays back audio tracks or samples in 32 bits resolution." Via