DAW: Zynewave - Podium 1.96

Zynewave launches version 1.96 of the DAW software Podium.

  • The track inspector UI has been redesigned. The inspector is now positioned at the left edge of the window instead of inside the tracks region. This maximizes the available height for the group panel and embedded plugin editors. It also makes it possible to show the inspector in mixer editors.
  • The position of the input and track panels in the inspector have been swapped. This means that the track panel is now at the top and F1 is used to open it instead of F5. Visually this makes more sense, since the panels are now placed in the same order as the controls in the group panel and the mixer.
  • Added a color picker to the track inspector. Tracks that are color enabled will show the color picker at the top of the track panel. The color picker can be toggled with the color button at the top of the inspector.
  • New tracks are by default color enabled if the "default track color" is defined in the colors dialog.
  • Added "Enable Track Color" to the track menu.
  • Added "Save Program File" and "Save Bank File" to the plugin preset menu.
  • Added four new options to the tracks region properties: "Show track color bar at right edge of header", "Show pan and gain sliders instead of dials", "Show effect chain on header" and "Set minimum track height to fit contents".
  • The undo/redo buttons can be shift+clicked or right-clicked to open a menu with the edit history.
  • Fix: The "Move to Group" menu did not move the effect chain along with the moved track.

  • Read more about the digital work station Podium here.


    "Zynewave is the developer of Podium, a professional music production software solution for Windows PCs." Via