Equalizer: London School of Sound - LSS DJeq Pc / Mac / Free


The LSS DJeq from London School of Sound is an equalizer plugin for Mac and Pc, designed specifically to emulate the controls found on DJ mixers.
It features three rotary controls for Low, Mid and High frequencies and dedicated Kill switches. The interface is optimized for live performance, with large buttons and knobs easy to read and grab even with a laptop track-pad.

The EQ range has been specifically designed to allow for traditional DJ use, with a range that goes from complete cut to + 6dB.

While the plugin might work in other VST-compatible hosts, the LSS DJeq is the result of user feedback from the Ableton Live courses at the London School of Sound, and as such it was meant only as a plugin for Ableton Live.

The EQ is non-linear in that when controlled from an absolute MIDI controller it uses MIDI values 0-63 to go from minus infinite to zero, and values 64-127 to go from zero to +6dB. This means that controllers such as Hercules DJ Console and Pioneer DJ800 can be used as expected, with
no attenuation or boost when the EQ knob is centered, a fine control when boosting and a quick response when cutting.

Requires Pluggo's runtime library (FREE) 3.6.1 or higher.

"LSS DJeq - the missing VST plugin in Ableton Live. Completely FREE to use and re-distribute" Via