Instrument: Psychic Modulation - Cerebrum 3.5

Psychic Modulation releases version 3.5 of the excellent synth / sampler / groovebox hybrid Cerebrum.
Here's what's new:

-new 'lite' structure; less demanding on resources
-combined kick 1/2, snare 1/2
-kick, snare, hihat & perc1 now each have thier own imbedded sample synth
-perc2 left unchanged with wavlayer
-added mute/solo buttons to each module
-added patch randomization to each module
-improved midi triggering
-each sequencer can now be assigned to a different key and octave
-added reset option to bass lfo
-updated presets
-small gui updates
-various minor bugfixes

Read about Cerebrum 3 here.
Price: $34.95


"Cerebrum is a sophisticated synth/sample hybrid groovebox with an onboard bassline synth. Each drum section has it's own dual A/B sequencer for beat-matching, as well as an Auto-Mix function. Designed with live operation in mind, Cerebrum can be used for making complex beats on the fly that can be randomized, mixed, matched and manipulated in a number of ways." Via