Instrument: Steinberg - Groove Agent 3.0.1


The virtual drummer Groove Agent 3 from Steinberg has been updated to version 3.0.1. Here is what's changed:

• Improved autofill behaviour: if autofill were set to
2/4/16/etc. a fill was not only triggered each n bars, but
also each time you change the complexity. In Groove
Agent 3.0.1 this is only the case if autofill is set to on,
else the fill will only trigger each n bars.
• GUI: The icons for MIDI various settings in the LCD
Display were missing (GM + MIDI FILE output). You
can now directly activate Ambience Split or MIDI file
output by clicking on the icons.
• A new option “limit memory usage“ (LMU) is introduced
on the Setup page. Activate it when you are low on
memory. If activated, changing from classic to dual mode
or vice versa will empty the modules previously selected.
• The MIDI remote state of Half Tempo Feel on / off and
PA start / stop wasn’t absolute. The new changed
behaviour is: a note-on velocity of 0-63 defines off / start
state, a note-on velocity of 64-127 defines on / stop state.
This may require you to adjust projects created with
3.0.15 which used MIDI remote notes to control these two
• Under Windows Vista the FX/PA Presets dialog now
always open the default location for presets.
• Drum complexity and fill complexity can be controlled
separately via MIDI now.
• The PDF manual was updated with several corrections
and additions.
• In dual mode the SA and PA module wouldn’t unload
RAM when the module was switched off or changed. This
could lead to situations where up to 6 fully loaded
modules per GA3 instance were fully loaded into RAM.
Now only modules are loaded into RAM which are
visually present.
• Special Agent played only hi-hats if playback was started
before loading a style.
• Moving to the highest complexity level in Special Agent
could lead to a crash.
• Special Agent fills were playing back out of time or with
cut off notes when the random fill function was used.
• Fills couldn’t be automated properly via VST automation
because the fill button lift event was missing.

• Using any other sample rate than 44.1 kHz changed the
playback tempo and pitch.
• Sometimes there were audible double kicks on first beat
after a fill.
• MIDI Controller CC7 for Volume and CC91 for Ambience
didn’t work.
• Random function in PA didn’t work in channel 1.
• The "Unload all" function on Import & FX section did
• Sometimes the User Samples under OSX were played
back distorted.
• Under Windows Vista the installer didn’t placed a link to
the documentation pdf in the start menu.
• Groove Agent 3 standalone was counting bars and beats
even when not playing.
• AU: there were problems related to writing automation in
AU Hosts (Logic 7 and higher).
• Logic 8 compatible.
• In Cubase 4 the memory locations 3+4 didn’t work.
• Memoryslots and automation didn’t work properly: pattern
complexity level was missing from automation data.
• When the Kick drum was triggered repeatedly via Midi
some notes were getting choked.
• When using the “MIDI export to file” or “live to host”
function sometimes missing, not-tight or unused notes
could occur.
• Under specific circumstances Groove Agent 3 could
crash when selecting a user imported sample.
• Audio exported from Nuendo 4 or Cubase 4.1 couldn’t be
imported by Groove Agent 3 as User sample.
• Sometimes the style and Kit slider could split apart,
although “link” was activated.
• Fixed various redraw issues.
• Fixed crashes due to extreme memory usage.

• Please avoid closing your project or unloading GA3
instances from your sequencer while GA3 is still playing.
• It is not possible to export MIDI from the Special Agent
and Percussion Agent Module. This is because the audio
material consists of live played performances / audio
loops and not of playable kits like in GA classic.
• The GA classic page equals GA classic in upper module.
It also corresponds to the same MIDI channels and
messages (see below for MIDI control scheme). If you
save and then reload a project in your sequencer, Groove
Agent 3 will always display the GA classic page.
However, the correct settings will be loaded and the Song
will playback like expected.
• If you experience stability issus while using Groove Agent
3, please activate the ”Limit Memory Option” on the GA3
Setup page.
• Available outputs per Groove Agent 3 instance may be
limited, depending on the host application and plug-in
interface used.
• AU: If you use multi-outs in Logic and changed the
output configuration please note that you have to rescan
Groove Agent 3 in the AU Validation Manager to make
the additional outputs available in the Logic mixer.
• AU: If you open a Logic 7.2.3 project, which contains a
multi-out instance of GA3, in Logic 8 with GA 3.0.1 and
get an error about missing plugin channels, please
revalidate the plugin in the AU manager.
• AU: In Logic avoid using the setting “High” under
“Preferences / Drivers / Core Audio / Process Buffer
Range”. Keep the default setting of “Medium”.
• On the PC you can avoid “emulated Direct Music Ports”
in the standalone by putting a file called "ignorefilter" next
to the Groove Agent 3.exe. Afterwards all MIDI ports
show up in "preferences".
• For best performance in OSX, set the “Processor
Performance” to “Highest” in the System Preferences /
Energy Saver.
• Steinberg Key with USB Hub under Vista: LCC can
freeze at start when a key is plugged to a HUB under
Vista. Solution: disconnect the steinberg key from the
Hub, start the LCC, then reconnect the key to the HUB.
• If you installed any other Steinberg product after you
installed Groove Agent 3, for example, Cubase SX 3 or
any other older Steinberg product: please always make
sure to install the latest Syncrosoft drivers afterwards.

Read more about Groove Agent 3 here.

"Groove Agent 3 is the third incarnation of Steinbergs phenomenally successful Groove Agent virtual drummer VST instrument, and is a major step up from previous versions. Groove Agent 3 combines a huge library of drum and percussion sounds with a range of player technologies to give you dynamic, ready-to-go drums, beats, rhythms and percussion in only a few mouse clicks. Top-quality drum samples and live recorded drum performances in a massive number of variations cover 123 different styles from over 50 years of music history, automatically synced to the song tempo. And Groove Agent 3 also features more kits and sounds, including 3 new top-rate acoustic drum kits, as well as the ability to import user samples in wav and AIFF format for even more flexibility." Via