Midi Manipulator plugin: tzec - VstLua v0.06 Beta Pc / Free

VSTLua from tzec are a FREE Midi processing plugin. Version 0.06 has these changes:

SysEx support.
Infinite loop trapping added.
Persistent storage of data between sessions.
Fast interprocess messaging via shared memory, so multiple instances of VstLua can talk with minimum latency.
setHostTime added (for Bidule users).
much simplified GUI access.
Easier to do midi mapping with the new addMidiFilter() function.
Console window, so commands can be run and executed immediately
Scripts are associated with presets.

Read more about VSTLua here.

"It replaces many custom VST MIDI manipulators with a quick and easy way of scripting MIDI events. It provides support for limited GUI creation, so that scripts can set up their own control panels. New scripts can be quickly rapid prototyped without restarting the host." Via