Polyphonic Synthesizer: Analog To Digital - Supersaw Plus

Analog to Digitals Supersaw Plus has been updated. It's a 10 voice polyphonic synthesizer based on the classic Roland JP 8000 / 8080 synth.
These are the changes:

  • A bug fix allows program changes to be used
  • A new soundbank including many trance sounds by Adam Alonso is now available
Also the price has been reduced from £15 to £10 ($20).

Read more about Supersaw Plus here.

"Supersaw Plus is a 10 oscillator, 16 voice polyphonic analog-modeled vst instrument synthesizer with an effects section (three effects) . It is designed to create fat sounds like the classic Roland JP-8000 synth, particularly the trance icon, the supersaw. The supersaw oscillator on this synth has the unique feature of the choice of 2, 4, 6 or 10 voices voices operated by one detune knob." Via