Programming: Outsim - SynthMaker 1.0.9

The fabulous instruments and effects creation software for Windows - Synthmaker, has been updated again. Read more about Synthmaker here.

Version 1.0.9 has these changes:

This release significantly improves loading times for schematics and exported plugins. Load times are now up to 4 times faster - even quicker in some cases.
You'll probably notice some improvement when you load your current files into this version for the first time. However, to accommodate the improvements we've had to update the file format. So in order to see the full effect you'll need to save your schematic in the new format.
This format is not backward compatible so be aware that any files you save can only be loaded in release 1.0.9 and beyond.
The other main change in this update is to the wave table components. There are new versions of the Wave Table Read and Wave Table. These now allow you to use waveforms of any size so long as it's a power of two.
As a consequence we've also updated the Wave Draw Osc module to allow 256,512,1024 and 2048 point waveforms. You can go above this if you change the module but bear in mind that this will require memory for all the wavetables that are generated. The options for size of table are under the module's properties.
Note that existing schematics wll continue to use the old versions of the Wave Table Read and Wave Table primitives which will continue to function as before. If you want to use the new ones you will have to replace them.
Additions and fixes:
– Improved loading times for schematics and generated plugins and dlls
– Table Read and Wave Table components now allow you to use waveforms with more than 256 pts
– The Sysex to String component no longer fires a trigger when non-sysex MIDI events are received
– Corrected a problem when switching schematics within SM that was causing the sound to drop
– Image files are no longer locked when loading into SM
– When using a second display popup tooltip help windows were being displayed on the primary display
– Fixed several issues with module properties not displaying new properties when pinned open
– Corrected a redraw problem with exported plugins that prevented a refresh when a window is moved over the top
– Fixed a problem that was causing crashes with some MIDI devices
– Deleting the Sample Pos component wasn't removing it from the schematic correctly
– Updated routing matrix with correct defaults when using presets
– Updated ADSR, AHDSR and R envelopes to correct problems with stuck notes when using two envs and improved operation when using a gate
Updated Modules:
– Wave Draw Osc
– R
– Routing Matrix 

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