Sample Player: W. Grabowski - SAMPLELORD 1.3.3

W.Grabowski updates SampleLord to version 1.3.3. The updates for this sample player are:

  • New: Import of GIGA 16-bit and 24-bit accelerated samples.
  • New: Import of GIGA splitted files *.gx01.
  • New: sfz cycle robin options "seq_position" and "seq_length" supported now.
  • Fix: cycle robin didn't reloaded after file save.
  • Fix: cycle robin read/write improvements.

Read more about Samplelord here.
Price: 80 euro


"SampleLord is a sample player which can work as a VSTi plug-in or standalone application. It can load different sounds in different formats in the same Multi-Patch and play these in real-time just like a hardware sound module." Via