Sequencer: Angry Red Planet - Temper 1.2 Pc / Pro / Free

Angry Red Planet presents version 1.2 of the unexpiring trialware sequencer - Temper.
Here are the changes:

  • Temper A: Added note decor, a way to attach a shape to notes for generating controllers. One note can have a shape for each type of controller, and multiple notes can be stacked for complex effects. You can create custom envelopes scaled to notes, generate complex controller landscapes that are manipulated as easily as dragging a note, and use perform time to attach filter swells or other effects to lead-ins. If you don't have a license, you can still attach shapes and demo the functionality, but you can't edit the attached shapes. Docs:
  • Temper A: Added new group shaping controls for velocities, note values and controller values. Select one or more notes or controllers and you'll see a new section in the inspector with a control to shift or set the values of all selected events; click the expander button and you'll get a shape view. This new functionality in addition to some cleanup in the shapify tool provides a complete path for encoding pitch, velocity and value info from one phrase and imposing it on another. Docs:
  • Added new Shift by / Set to options for operating on the velocity, pitches and values of multiple notes or controllers.
  • Added full controls to the Envelope shape, so you can create your own multi-stage envelopes. Also added a curve parameter between the stages.
  • Audio data will now display in the piano roll along with MIDI data.
  • You can now drag audio phrases to other applications or the desktop.
  • You can now drop .mid and .squ files directly into the phrases area, and Temper will place all phrases from the first MIDI track starting at the drop point.
  • Current position and loop points saved with song.
  • Started adding help: There are now a few places with a "?" hyperlink, if your machine has a net connection you can click it to go directly to the relevant page in the manual.
  • Change: Background track display in the piano roll is now (mostly) opt-in. All the tracks in closest proximity to the currently-edited are displayed (up to 1 audio track), unless the primary track is in a group, then all tracks in the same group(s) are displayed.
  • Change: Moved zoom controls back to the left of the scrollbar, they felt awkward on the right.
  • Fix: Adding groove quantize accidentally broke quantizing on some of the other tools, like Flip.
  • Removed: Shape Line tool, the Line tool can now do everything.
  • Removed: Crudiments tool, obsoleted by note decor.

Read more about Temper here.


"Temper, a MIDI+Audio sequencer with an emphasis on MIDI. Temper is distinguished by two basic design goals: To provide you with tools that operate on sequences as easily as individual events, and to decouple what gets processed by how it gets processed." Via