Sequencer: Cockos - REAPER 2.017 Pc / Pro / Free

Cockos updates their excellent unexpiring shareware sequencer Reaper to version 2.017.
The changes in this version:

  • holding ctrl when importing MIDI files will force prompting to use any tempo information (normally files with minimal tempo information wont bug you with this)
  • fixed bug where enabling write automation would reset volume to -inf
  • tweaked IIR based resampling filters (for fast+IIR mode)
  • faster, more effective extreme resampling mode, faster best mode (for sweep tests, peak noise on these is around -140dB and -120dB respectively)
  • ReaStream: copying to reastream.dll reastream_xxx.dll allows you to set max number of channels supported (2-64)
  • js: @serialize support so JS plugins can save arbitrary data in the project (todo: support sending serialized data via reamote, in presets)
  • js: memory/variables arent cleared for effects with @serialize section
  • js: removed text mode chain ui for some significant size savings
  • js: added extraordinarily fun new effect, sequencer_baby
  • improved js gfxanalyzer, added gfxspectrogram, added sine_sweep (useful for testing)
  • updated some schwa and loser js plugs

Read more about Reaper here.


"Uber-powerful routing of audio--functions as an entire virtual studio with patchbays, enabling all sorts of effects not possible anywhere else!" Via