Sequencer: MUTOOLS - MU.LAB 1.0 Public Beta C Pc / Mac / Universal / Pro / Free

The audio / midi sequencer MU.LAB (formerly known as LUNA) has been updated again.
Here are the 1.0 Public Beta C changes:

This update especially fixes a nasty bug that sometimes could cause a hang when doing composition edits.

That's why this update is distributed sooner than planned.

If you already installed MU.LAB Public Beta B (the previous version) then you can simply install the new MU.LAB application patch.

A patch is a newer version of the application file. Just put the new version over the existing version. This way you don't have to do any setting up again.

Read more about MU.LAB here.


"MU.LAB is a state of the art, ultra-light music application, designed to compose & perform music of different styles and flavors. MU.LAB does not have a complex feature set, in which you can get lost. At the contrary, MU.LAB is an easy yet rock-solid musical tool. It's our intention to extent MU.LAB's functionalities in the future, but never by compromising on easiness or quality." Via