Sequencer: MUTOOLS - MU.LAB v1.0 beta Pc / Mac / Universal / Free

MU.LAB (formerly known as LUNA) is a new audio / midi sequencer / DAW from MUTOOLS.
Here are some of the features:

  • Audio Recording & Playback
  • MIDI Recording & Playback
  • Flexible Composition & Sequence Editing
  • Supports Audio and MIDI VST Plugins
  • Powerful Audio and MIDI Plugin Routing (up to 100% modular if you want)
  • Audio Engine using 32 bit floats, all usable samplerates
  • Sample Accurate Sequencing
  • Multi Undo/Redo
  • Available for OSX (Universal Binary) and Windows

MU.LAB comes in 2 flavors: MU.LAB Free and MU.LAB Unlimited.

MU.LAB Free is a light version of MU.LAB Unlimited and is free to everyone. MU.LAB Unlimited at the other hand supports an unlimited number of VSTis and Mixer Strips. Price: 29 euro.


"MU.LAB is a state of the art, ultra-light music application, designed to compose & perform music of different styles and flavors. MU.LAB does not have a complex feature set, in which you can get lost. At the contrary, MU.LAB is an easy yet rock-solid musical tool. It's our intention to extent MU.LAB's functionalities in the future, but without compromising on easiness or quality." Via