Sounds: Puremagnetik - Technosphere

Puremagnetik releases Technosphere - a sound design toolbox with over 100 soundscapes, transition effects and ambiances.
Featuring four sound categories:

Creaturely - Synthetic beds of creepy atmospheres and tense soundscapes.

Environments -  Live ambient field recordings and intense post production processing.

Swells - Build-ups and transition effects with both long and short  swells and swipes.

Slams - Dramatic hits, slams, bangs and thuds! Created from a selection of live drums, guitar amps, industrial field recordings and intern abuse.  

Format: ALP, EXS, NKI
420 MB
System Requirements: Ableton Live 6.0.10, Kontakt 2.2.1, EXS24 Compatible Instrument

Price: Puremagnetik offers a subscribe service for their Micropaks, that starts from only $5.75 per month


"Puremagnetik's Technosphere is a sound design toolbox of over 100 soundscapes, transition effects and ambiances. With four categories of specific sound types, Technosphere is a resourceful grab bag of content for all types of users. Produced with instant playability in mind Technosphere includes quick menus for Ableton Live, Kontakt Logic and GarageBand users." Via