Synthesizer: AlgoMusic / BKSynthLab - Enceladus 2 (Next Mission)

AlgoMusic and BKSynthLab has updated the great Pads Synth Enceladus to version 2 (Next Mission).
Here are the changes:

- GUI renovation
- corrected bug in ARP for Sonar users
- OSC renovation
added "SUB OSC"
- LFO: more wave forms
- FX renovation, added "TRANCE GATE" FX, improved background control
- improved "MONO MODE"
- added correcting filter
- little are reduced CPU consumption
- Patches Bank renovation


  • 2 oscillators, each with 32 waveforms. Sync, voice detune, and filter allocation for each oscillator as well as keyboard on-off function.
  • Sub Oscillator with 8 waveforms
  • 2 Filters, each with 4 filter types (Low pass, High pass, Band pass and Notch) with 2x serial filters for richer filter sounds. Separate keyboard tracking and envelope modulation controls are provided.
  • 5 ADSR style graphical envelope generators with fixed allocations to Amp, Filter1, Filter2, and 2 user mod envelopes.
  • 3 LFO’s (Low Frequency oscillators) with separate FM and Sample hold controls.
  • 2 separate step sequencers each with BPM synced selections and smooth controls. Steps can be 8, 16 or 32 steps.
  • Comprehensive Modulation Matrix with two targets per source.
  • Glide, Poly/mono selections and Arpegiator controls with 6 arp types and hold (latch) feature.
  • 5 different effects (Stereo delay, Stereo Reverb, Chorus, Phaser and Trance Gate.
  • Background color editor and colored patch by type allocations.
  • Patch display editor by author, category and name.
  • Separate LFO for global vibrato setting for mod wheel.
  • 128 presets by Tim Conrardy, Boris K and David Haupt.

Price: $49.99 / €37.54


"Enceladus is inspired by one of the many moons orbiting the ringed planet Saturn and brought to light by the Cassini probe mission. It offers from liquid leads, glassy silky pads to up front basses and trance evolving arps, sequences and synths." Via