Synthesizer: Audjoo - Helix 2007-12-07 Beta Pc / Free

Helix from Audjoo is a free polyphonic software VSTi synthesizer with 42 modulation slots and 3 stages of distortion.
The new beta version has these changes:
Revamped Modmatrix in a big way, it's now similar to Reasons Thor. Great care has been taken to ensure that old patches are still loadable. Added support for sustainpedal, modulation wheel and channel pressure. The wave display show the startphase. Added support for 24bits samples. Release polyphony (like reasons thor) to kill releasing notes when new notes are triggered. Changed to cents (from seminotes) for detune and spread. Fixed a bug with very high notes lacking high end. Fixed a bug with the limiter-per-voice messing up the stereo image.

Read more about Helix here.

"Helix is capable of huge and wide unison pads and leads. Great care has been taken to ensure no aliasing in the oscillators, so the sound is free from many artifacts traditionally associated with software synthesizers. This becomes very clear when playing high notes." Via