Synthesizer: Audjoo - Helix Beta 2007-12-10 Pc / Free

Audjoo updates the FREE polyphonic synth Helix again. The new beta version has these changes:
2007-12-10 Fixed the crashbug from previous version (introduced with memory saving).
2007-12-09 (this build has a crash-bug) Fixed a bug with Helix not telling the truth about the number of automatable parameters to the host. Memory usage is now patch dependent, meaning you will see the memory usage go up and down when browsing patches. You only "pay" for the features you use. The big win is for patches not using "morph" wich is a memory intensive affair. (later the same day) Fixed the sustain pedal (cc64)

Read more about Helix here.


"It's like having the Sylenth1, Thor, z3ta+ and more in a single, free synth." Via