Composing: LvB's X - Virtual Music Composer

Virtual Music Composer from LvB's X is a music software for songwriters, composers, musicians, producers and performers.
It's a user friendly program and can be used by those with no prior knowledge or understanding how to make music with a

By using the basic rules of notation, Virtual Music Composer allows you to create the basic part of a song, by developing the motif into the phrase. It presents an unlimited source of new phrases as well as give you an inspiration for your new song.

It features a simple interface. Easy to use without menus, hidden options. number settings, or sliders/knobs.
There are no music loops or any other already-prepared musical patterns. Virtual Music Composer uses only "pure note" piano samples.


Basic $29.95
PRO   $99.95


"Compose your music - simply by listening to the music. Virtual Music Composer serves as a source of ideas. Don't wait for inspiration to come! Just listen." Via