Effect: de la Mancha - Octav8r

Octav8r from de la Mancha is a 7-node pitch-shifter VST plugin for Windows that generates 6 differently pitched stereo versions of the audio input added to a ‘dry’ non-shifted signal to generate a richly layered sound.

Octav8r features:

· 6 pitch-shifting nodes, with octave shifting (-3 to +3) and semitone shifting (-12 to +12, to 0.001 semitones)
· All nodes have independent volume, pan, ADSR envelope, variable state filter, vibrato, chorus, delay and reverb controls
· Node 0 is the ‘dry’ audio at incoming pitch, which also has pan, ADSR, chorus, delay and reverb
· Envelopes can be triggered by midi note, audio gate, a tempo-sync loop or bypassed
· Envelope contours can be changed and set to restart or pick-up at retrigger
· Mix level can be adjusted between dry and pitch-shifted nodes
· Each node can be fine tuned for pitch shift method and buffer size
· Each node, envelope and effect can be switched off to save CPU
· Midi CC support and midi learn for most controls
· 38 presets
· Multi-out version for hosts that can support this feature

Price: only 15 dollar

"The primary idea of Octav8r is to create multiple pitch-shifted layers of the incoming audio. With some twiddling you can get creative with panning to generate separation around the stereo field, use envelopes to bring each node in and out at different times and use chorus, delay and reverb to make each node sit differently in the mix. You can use the tempo-sync envelope trigger to create rhythmic gating or pulsing and the envelope toggles to make only some nodes modulated whilst others stay constant. Most controls have midi CC and midi learn support, so with some automation or midi knob twiddling, you can make the output really move around." Via