Effect: Electronisounds - Ubergate 1.3

Electronisounds presents version 1.3 of the multi-fx plugin Ubergate. Changes in this version are:
- brand new GUI from Designer Monkey
- option to double the tempo of the gate speed
- option to switch gate patterns via midi

Ubergate features a pattern based gate and two effect chains. Each effect chain features delay, filter with LFO, modulation and 3-band EQ with Drive. Delay time and filter / pan LFO can be tempo synced or free running. Delay tempo sync includes dotted settings and double time settings.
Each filter features lowpass, highpass and bandpass modes, with LFO to cutoff control. Each effect chain is has individual volume and pan controls, with independant LFO to pan controls.

Price: 30 dollar
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"Unique passthru mode allows selective application of effects according to gate pattern. Using the bypass mode, you can bypass the gate altogether and use only the fx chains on your audio! Drop the Ubergate on a funky guitar riff, bypass the gate and dig into some SERIOUS stereo phaser, distortion and delay!" Via