Effect: Leslie Sanford - Cobalt Chorus / Pc / Free

Leslie Sanford presents the FREE chorus effect Cobalt Chorus for Windows. It's based on the chorus effect in their Cobalt VSTi synthesizer.
The effect is also capable of creating flanging and vibrato.

Some of the Features:

  • Delay time from 1 to 25 milliseconds
  • "Quad" LFO modulation for enhanced stereo sound
  • Modulation wheel can be routed to control the LFO's modulation depth
  • Feedback for creating flange effects
  • Kore 2 user page/patch files included

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"Its quadrature LFO enhances the stereo output by modulating the left and right channels 90 degrees out of phase with each other. Also, you can control the modulation depth in realtime with the modulation wheel." Via