Effect: Virsyn - VTAPE 1.1

Virsyn updates VTAPE - The Analog Tape Suite to version 1.1.

What's new in v1.1.0:  
New Plugin "Flanger"  
- Manual tape flanging simulation.  
- Authentic “through zero” Flanging.  
- Unique stereo flanging mode.  
- RTAS/AudioUnit Mono versions of Saturator.  
- Mac/Digital Performer: Settings lost on render to file.  
- Latency compensation now working.  
- "Kill" Parameter now automatable.  
- Sync button state was not saved.  
- Save button - Enter key no longer required.  
- AudioUnit: GUI problem with more than 16 instances.  
- RTAS: Automation with SATURATOR working now. 

VTAPE is a set of three plugins based on a simulation of the famous sound of analog tape machines.
Read more about VTAPE here.
Price: 169.- EURO

"Why bothering about going back to analogue tape recording knowing that todays digital audio recording is undoubtly more precise in reproducing the original sound ?" Via