Gate Plugin: scuzzphut vst plugins - Scuzzphut6.5-lite v1.2 / Pc / Free

Scuzzphut releases version 1.2 of the FREE trance gate plugin Scuzzphut6.5-lite.

  • Master gain control
  • Switch to enable/disable midi pattern changing


  • Small , clean GUI
  • attack, decay and shuffle controls
  • "tie" controls for precise long gate openings
  • steps can be set/cleared by dragging
  • minimal CPU use
  • pattern selector for 8 patterns
  • pattern changes happen sync'd to the bar start
  • midi control of pattern changes - midi notes C to G (any octave) select patterns 1-8.

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"scuzzphut6.5-lite is a trance gate vst plugin with a step sequencer" Via