Groove Machine: Polyrythmic - Archibald 3.5

Polyrythmic presents version 3.5 of the virtual drummer Groove Machine - Archibald for both Mac OS and Windows. This version adds improvisational touches to your drum patterns.
As you build your rhythm in the step-sequencer, you assign Archibald a margin of interpretation from 0 to 100%. This margin allows for a more realistic sound, based upon the simple fact that no drummer plays two consecutive eighth notes with exactly the same tone and attack.
The sampler engine which accompanies the step-sequencer uses 44.1 kHz resolution and a set of realistic sounds.

The second sequencer, driving the first, allows the user to program sequences based on several bars. From Version 2.1 onward, Archibald may interface with your sequencer via Rewire technology, allowing you to mix the 12 individual outputs from within your favourite sequencing software. You may also export your work as audio. Or use Archibald to drive any MIDI device.

Price: $38.00 or €28.00


"Archibald 3 allows you to use any sound you like. Archibald is able to use sounds in two ways: SAMPLER uses multi-sampled sounds, to get realistic and natural effects. SYNTH uses one sound and applies effects to it that follows notes instructions, to create irrealistic and synth like effects." Via