Instrument: Vintaudio - Upright Piano Collection

Vintaudio presents Upright Piano Collection for Windows - featuring 2 upright pianos. Each piano was sampled with sample notes in 4 velocities pedal up and 4 velocities pedal down plus a piano release layer. These Upright pianos represent a century of Upright pianos.

Price: $59.95 USD

"Both pianos come with enhancements previously only accessible with our Yamaha C7 Grand piano library, both pianos have release samples and sustain pedal effect sounds for pedal up and pedal down, and the levels of these 2 new features are adjustable with their respective knobs. Both pianos also come with controls for brightness and darkness There as never ever been a more complete and exquisite Upright piano library made, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to Upright pianos, the sound is warm different, adds a touch of originality to anyone's music and as already inspired me to create wonderful music." Via


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    "Upright pianos? Why would you want a sampled upright piano? Surely we all want majestic grand models, the sound of which is otherwise unaffordable?", I hear you cry. But no, while many of us many have bad memories of being forced to practice on upright pianos as children (I remember complaining to my Mum about the fact we needed to change our upright piano for an over-strung model before I could shave!), a good upright piano has a distinctive sound character that's far more intimate than a grand piano, making it desirable for certain situations where you don't want the polished and precise sound of a nine-foot grand in a concert hall, especially for songwriters.

    Upright Piano Collection contains two CD-ROMs that unpack into nearly 4 Gigabytes of data, and although Giga instruments are included, these can be imported into Halion 1.1 or above, and Vintaudio supply finely-tuned Halion instrument files to replace the default instrument files created by Halion. The documentation consists of a brief HTML file on each CD-ROM, which is more or less adequate, but doesn't offer anywhere near the level of detail included in Post Musical Instruments' rather nice printed manuals for their sampled pianos. Vintaudio's web site, however, does include a little extra information about the pianos and recording techniques employed.

    Two different upright pianos are included in this collection (one on each CD-ROM): a Steinway Boston Upright and a 1908 Clinton Upright. Both pianos have been well recorded at a 24-bit resolution, with the final samples dithered to 16-bit using Apogee's UV22. The pianos themselves seem to be in good condition, although a few mechanical noises can be heard on a few of the low notes in the higher velocity layers, much as you'd expect if you were playing a real upright. While the pianos aren't completely dry, the ambience is minimal and not likely to get in the way — in a solo context, both will benefit from a little reverb, and I used Creamware's Masterverb Pro to great effect. On the subject of ambience, both instruments include release triggers, and, although undocumented, these are supplied in a separate Giga instrument in the case of the Clinton, so you'll need to load both the main and release instruments and play two MIDI channels simultaneously.

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