Loop Slicer: Ugo - Disturbance

Ugo presents Disturbance - a loop & sample mangling, glitching, randomizing slicer for Windows.

Sequencer related features:
- Slice length reduction
- Filter cutoff
- Pitch shifting
- Dirt
- Slice reverse
- Random slice
- 4 sequencer direction options
- Mod wheel control over playback
- Sequencer jitter effect
- Host BPM sync or internal clock
- Sequencer start/end point adjustment
Additional features:
- Built in file browser
- Dual Delay
- Velocity sensitivity
- Pitch Shifter with the option of fixed (non-sequenced) setttings, MIDI note tracking, and portamento
- 64 example/tutorial presets to get you started

Price: $35


"Disturbance can be used to create subtle or standard variations and effects, or it can warp your source material into something completely new. You can even adjust the start and end points of the sequencer to help you create odd time signature loops.Via