Mastering Equalizer: Brainworx - bx_hybrid 2.0

Brainworx presents bx_hybrid - a MONO & STEREO EQ VST. Perfect for mastering. Featuring INTERNAL M/S PROCESSOR for STEREO WIDTH CONTROL, and a MONO MAKER that will mono out any stereo signal up to a certain user-adjustable threshold frequency with only ONE knob - while automatically compensating for the potential loss in the overall bass-spectrum.

Price: 238 euro
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"bx_hybrid was designed to map ANY & ALL EQ features of the DIGIDESIGN ICON center section EQ knobs! This means 7-band EQ incl. Lo- and Hi-Pass filters with various adjustable filter orders (up to 5th order - 30dB / octave), Lo- and Hi-Shelving EQs, Peak filters, Notch-filters" Via